The Intercultural Christian Centre is a national network of 155 Danish Lutheran churches, international/migrant churches and Christian NGOs (see list) which was founded in 1994 as a resource centre for local churches (Danish and non-Danish) and Christian organisations ministering to refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers.

The Centre offers 3-4 annual multiethnic conferences and seminars, publishes a quarterly newspaper where refugees and immigrants tell their stories and church initiatives are described, publishes booklets and resource materials and provides information and support for local churches and others.

The Centre seeks to equip Danish and non-Danish Christians living in Denmark to be an authentic Christian presence in Danish society in word and deed. We also offer a code of conduct for building good and honest relations with people of different faiths or none based on mutual respect and without compromising what we ourselves are convinced is the truth.   

It is the deliberate policy of the Centre to give Christian refugees and immigrants a platform for speaking, writing and exercising leadership.

Since 2002, our chairman has been Mr. Adnan Dahan, a former UNICEF consultant and a Christian refugee from Iraq.